Evangelism Alert

Good afternoon GMWAAs we're approaching the Celebration of the 50th anniversary for GMWA National. We're also preparing the celebration for our very own 50th anniversary of our local GMWA Houston Chapter!!!! Look at God.I am offering a prayerful challenge and incentive. First I'll be getting back with you on the cut off date. So you'll be announced, celebrated and rewarded! 1st You have to be part of the evangelism ministry team gmwa. 2nd Here's where it starts to get good. WHOEVER helps the most people join the GMWA with the local dues paid. WINS $503RD WHOEVER in the evangelism ministry team! HELPS the most people join the evangelism ministry with they're local dues paid wins $50And last but not least anybody in any area of the GMWA local chapter, with they're dues paid. HELP 50 or more people just join the chapter will win $500The money will come directly from Darryll Carr Chairman of Evangelism. My Pocket Only. I'm so proud of our choir.
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